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Date of last revision: 27/6/2008

By continuing to browse, shop, purchase, and view content on the Goodselling Toy Kingdom web site, you , any person, body, company, or institution acting on your behalf, the customer or visitor is deemed to fully and unconditionally agree to these Terms & Conditions. You are bound by these Terms and Conditions so long as you continue to shop, buy, or browse this web site.


All content/material found on our web site is owned by Goodselling Toy Kingdom and is protected by international copyright laws. Such content/material includes, but is not limited to, text, images, logos, buttons, software code, audio, and video. Where content is supplied by external provides, including manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors, such content is deemed to be owned by the said organisations and are likewise protected by copyright laws. No content/material may be used, in any way, without the written permission of Goodselling Toy Kingdom, its parent company, or original copyright owners.

You are prohibited from transmitting, broadcasting, editing, adapting, or making use of any intellectual property, trademarks, or logos owned and found on the Goodselling Toy Kingdom web site without the expressed permission of Goodselling Toy Kingdom or its parent company.

As a result of browsing the Goodselling Toy Kingdom web site where content is downloaded, printed, or viewed, such content is permissible for private, non-commercial use for the sole purpose of evaluating goods, making a purchase of goods, or promoting the sale of goods to others.


The integrity and security of information between you and our web site cannot be assured or guaranteed to the full extent. Likewise, we cannot and will not accept responsibility for the safe keeping, transmitting, and the overall security of information sent to and from our web site/server(s). The customer, visitor, or any other person should take steps to ensure they are protected by relevant third-party software including, but not limited to, firewall software, anti-virus software, and other security protection software at all times. Failure to do so may result in adverse and undesirable effects to your computer as well as the potential loss and/or theft of sensitive information. Whilst efforts are made to reduce such risk on our server(s), the customer, visitor, or any other person acknowledges that any information sent to or from our web site, is done so at their own risk.

Access and Restrictions

From time to time, access to our web site may be denied for any one or all of the following reasons:

a) Maintenance and/or repair,
b) Upgrades and enhancements,
c) Server downtime/failure,
d) Systems downtime/failure,
e) Software corruption/failure.

Goodselling Toy Kingdom may, at its own discretion, prevent a customer, visitor, or any other person from gaining access to our web site through any means/technologies available at it’s disposal. Any person identified as a potential security threat or anyone who has attempted to claim/purchase goods in a fraudulent or dishonest manner will immediately have their IP blocked. Where State or Federal laws are broken or a crime is committed towards the store, Online Toys Australia may also report such matters to the appropriate law enforcing bodies, Government agencies, and/or Federal bureaus.


Payment for goods purchased is not final until funds have been cleared. This means that no goods or services will be provided until monies have been cleared by the relevant financial institutions, processed and approved by all parties concerned, all financial entities are satisfied that fraud, deceptive, or misleading conduct had not been carried out, and the full purchase amount had been credited to the Goodselling Toy Kingdom account.

Store Sale/Promotions

Goodselling Toy Kingdom will offer, from time to time, either exclusively or to the general public at large, products at reduced prices (otherwise commonly known as a 'Sale'). Customers who place orders for sale items will be deemed to have read, and agree to, all the terms and conditions, placed by Goodselling Toy Kingdom, for that particular sale. Such terms and conditions will be placed behind promotional banners or made available through text links throughout the store.

Product Returns and Exchanges

Items sent back to Goodselling Toy Kingdom for exchange will be subject to a 10% restocking fee. The true shipping costs to and from Goodselling Toy Kingdom will be at the customers expense. No exchanges are possible on any purchases more than 30 days old.

Delayed Delivery

Goodselling Toy Kingdom take no responsibility for the delay of deliveries caused by the carrier and as a result cannot be held liable for any stress, inconvenience, or financial loss that such action may have caused.

Lost or Damaged Goods

Where purchased goods have been lost, damaged, or destroyed by the carrier, it is required of the customer to:

a) Identify physical damage to the packaging where possible,
b) Refuse to accept delivery of the purchased goods to which damage had occurred,
c) Inform Goodselling Toy Kingdom of what had occurred within a reasonable time period.

Where purchased goods arrive intact, the customer must sign whatever forms, delivery dockets, or consignment notes are presented by the carrier prior to acceptance of the purchased goods. Children under the legal age may not sign/accept purchased goods under any circumstances.

Customer Profile/Details

You are responsible for the accuracy of your Customer Profile/Details. Information relating to your identity, billing information, and all other relevant information shall be kept up to date and maintained by you. Failure to update and maintain your customer Profile/Details may result in:

a) Misdirected/lost/delayed shipment to you or the recipients you nominate,
b) Rejection of any claims made by you regarding misdirected/lost/delayed shipments to you or the recipients you nominate,
c) Total denial of shipment to you or the recipient(s) you nominated,
d) Cancellation/suspension of you Customer Profile or Account by the store,
e) A refusal by your bank/credit union/financial institution to process your payment,

Changes and amendments to the Terms and Conditions

Goodselling Toy Kingdom reserve the right to make changes and amendments to these Terms and Conditions on an on-going, ad-hoc basis, as needed and legally/ethically required, and at any other time it deems fit or necessary. You will be notified of such changes, as they happen, by a news bulletin posted on our web site and e-mail sent to you directly. By further visiting or purchasing goods from our web site, you are deemed to have fully read, understood the Terms and Conditions, and thereby agree unconditionally to the Terms and Conditions, including the changes made.

Your Privacy

Goodselling Toy Kingdom a is a responsible and ethical commercial business. We value your privacy and will ensure, to a level reasonably expected, your personal information is handled appropriately and kept safe at all times. For a detailed description of our Privacy Policy please click here.

Omissions, Errors, and Incorrect Pricing

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our web site content, customers, visitors, and any other person are advised that occasionally errors in the name, description, quantity, dimensions, weight, make, model, colour, size, texture, and any other aspect of the goods may give you a false or misleading

impression on the goods and services offered by Goodselling Toy Kingdom, however, no errors are ever made deliberately or intentionally. Omissions of varying kinds, incorrect pricing, and other factual mistakes may arise from time to time. If any piece of information relating to the goods or services is suspected of being incorrect, the customer is advised to adopt a cautious approach and notify Goodselling Toy Kingdom for clarification prior to purchase. Goodselling Toy Kingdom accepts no responsibility or liability for any financial loss or any other resulting factor that may arise. Goodselling Toy Kingdom reserves the right to cancel or refuse any purchases made. In the event of an incorrectly stated/advertised price where the customer had made a purchase, the customer will have the option to either have their purchase price refunded or have the same amount credited to a newly issued coupon for which they can use to make another purchase.
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